The effect of pronunciation teachers´ strategies on the development of fluency skills of students taking English six of UNAN´ Saturday Program

Tellez Morales, Meyling Yuvelka and Rodríguez Cruz, Lilliam Fidelina (2013) The effect of pronunciation teachers´ strategies on the development of fluency skills of students taking English six of UNAN´ Saturday Program. Otra thesis, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, Managua.

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This paper analyzed the effect of teaching strategies on development of fluency skills. We focus on the Saturday English Program, the six level group number two. The fact that many students graduate without the appropriate fluency level motivated us to carry out this research. We concern about the preoccupation by teachers of English department to improve the English learning of students who will graduate soon. Frequently many people have said that is necessary that students have to be able to communicate orally in fluent way because many of these students will be teachers, but these future teachers will have the enough competence. Nowadays, teachers at this university have been working in the developing of the language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. However exercises of listening and speaking are done, but are not enough. So we have as purpose offer a solution to the lack of fluent oral communication by a system of active methodology strategies. According Soraida Peña (2007) In the process of second language teaching, teachers sometimes do not use active methods and participative techniques to contribute the increase of the activeness, creativeness and productiveness of learning. In other hands there are students who do not approach a ood level of oral fluency due to the lack of speaking practice. As Krashen mention in his theory about Monitor users, there are some students who will soon conclude the English major and are monitor over-users who do not have the enough luent level and during their speech make pauses, use ollocations, and correct their mistakes. In conclusion they not produce an appropriate fluent communication. With this research, we are going to expose the techniques most used for developing the speaking fluency, the theory of those techniques and how teachers apply their strategies for their students can produce the language in an cceptable way. Therefore we analyze how the teachers present the activities and how to evaluate its communicative effectiveness and its grammatical accuracy. The effect of pronunciation teachers’ strategies 2 Furthermore, we talk about when someone is a fluent speaker and their utterance during they

Item Type: Thesis (Otra)
Información Adicional: Seminario-(Licenciados en Ciencias de la educación con mención en Inglés)-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua
Palabras Clave Informales: Inglés-Pronunciación Habilidades del lenguaje-Estrategías y técnicas Comunicación oral Inglés-Seminarios-2013
Materias: 400 Lenguas > 420 Inglés e inglés antiguo > 421 Sistemas de escritura y fonología ingleses
400 Lenguas > 420 Inglés e inglés antiguo > 422 Etimología inglesa
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